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Beyond Stonehaven
Lots of interesting towns and fishing villages to visit beyond Stonehaven

Within just a few miles beyond Stonehaven there are many picturesque towns and villages to explore.

As creators of the Stonehaven Guide website we are developing this website to provide more information about these towns and villages within a relatively short distance from Stonehaven. Most of them are not normally associated with mainstream tourism promotion but often some of these undiscovered places can prove to be real gems.

The Main Aims For This Website Are

  • To provide more information to visitors to the area so that you can enjoy many undiscovered delights of Stonehaven and the surrounding area.
  • Many people tend to visit for a few days and wished they had stayed longer. By learning more about the area we hope that you will be encouraged to stay a few more days.
  • To encourage Bus Tour Operators who may be planning a visit to the busy cities of Aberdeen and Dundee to consider arranging day trips to some of the towns and villages. To encourage residents in the area to visit the local villages and fully appreciate the abundance of natural scenery, the fishing heritage and interesting places to visit without having to travel very far plus learn more about the business services available.
  • To provide local business in these small towns with an opportunity to promote goods and services in our Business Directory with value for money advertising plans to suit your budget.

We will continue to develop this website so that you can check each town's webpage to decide which towns and villages beyond Stonehaven you want to visit or what business services you want to use.


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